Halcyon Studio is a very young, yet rapidly growing company operating in the fields of graphic design and Android & iOS app development.

It was founded in late 2014 by a young adult Slovak graphic artist and author Martin Vargic, and continues to grow and expand since then.

We are currently based in Bratislava, Slovakia, however our infographics, applications and products are almost exclusively published in English. In a near future, however, we plan to supply software translated to Spanish and Russian, to encompass a wider foreign user base.

We currently boast a diverse portfolio of more than 20 applications on both Android and iOS, most notable being the “Timeline of the Universe” and the “Timeline of the Human History”.

In our applications, we aim to comprehend the various aspects of the world we live in, such as temperature, speed or value, and put them on a scale, making a large amount of information easily navigable and comprehensible.

We consider visual clarity to be one of the most important part of any application or infographic, and we concentrate to make our products as public-friendly as possible.